About 'The Analyst'

A bomb explosion outside the President’s palace, another mass shooting in a mall. It seems as if the terrorist organizations have an infinite amount of suicide bombers to go around. It’s up to you as an intelligence analyst to recruit spies, gather information, and neutralize the terrorists so that your nation and it's civilians may sleep peacefully at night.

The Analyst is a game which aims to show the player the dark, ethically challenging and morally-gray world of covert espionage. Separated families, civilian casualties, and more all in the name of state security. Just where do you draw the line?

Face moral dilemmas and tough choices in The Analyst; but make no mistake because if you fail, terrorist attacks which are guaranteed kill scores of civilians will still occur, on your watch.


The Analyst's gameplay takes place in an interactive story-like fashion. The missions and events are scripted, but ultimately the scenerios and story endings change depending on the player's actions. Allowing for both good and bad endings.

Some planned scenerios and missions in the game will be partially based on past real-world operations and missions.


The Analyst is currently in early-access. This means that it is very incomplete and littered with bugs. Please keep this in mind while giving it a go!

I chose to release The Analyst while in early-access mostly in order to get player feedback, however the reason I am doing so on my own website outside of Steam rather than taking advantage of Steam's early-access title feature is because I believe The Analyst is so unplayable it is not even ready to appear on Steam, even as an early-access title.

Once the The Analyst will be ready and complete, I will release it as such on Steam


When The Analyst will be released on Steam, barring any complications it's selling price will be 9.99 USD

I believe this is a fair price considering my experience as a game-developer and the expectations placed upon The Analyst.